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Curtis kicked off the press conference by saying he spent the time since his arrest last Wednesday in a “state of overwhelm” while “staring at four grey walls … not really knowing what’s happening, not having a clue why I’m there.” He also described the reaction he had when officials informed him he was being charged with mailing ricin-tainted letters to politicians. “I thought they said rice, so I said, ‘I don’t even eat rice,’” Curtis told reporters…. For his part, after thanking McCoy and his family and friends, Curtis said he loves “my country” and vowed he would “never do harm to him or any other U.S. official.” He also discussed his plans now that he is out of jail. First, Curtis said he wanted to “find my dog Moo Cow,” who “got loose when Homeland Security swarmed in on me.” When someone in attendance at the press conference informed him the dog had already been recovered, Curtis, who described himself as a “licensed reflexologist” said he planned to give a “foot massage” to McCoy and “to all you ladies who need foot massage therapy” as an expression of his happiness. Curtis also provided further details about his relationship with Dutschke. He described the feud as one-sided, with Dutschke regularly sending him angry messages and telling others negative things about him though he had no bad feelings toward Dutschke. Curtis also suggested Dutschke may have become jealous of him when they studied taekwondo together or because of his successful career as an Elvis impersonator. According to Curtis, Dutschke sent him an email informing him, “I’ve created a band called Robodrum and we’re going to throw you off the national circuit.” “I just felt he was delusional or trying to get a reaction from me,” Curtis said.

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